Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes impaired behavior and social interactions. Symptoms of this disease are more often detected in childhood, but can also be found in adulthood.

Autism is currently referred to as autism spectrum disorder or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is because the symptoms and severity vary in each patient.

Disorders that are included in ASD are Asperger 's syndrome , pervasive developmental disorder (PPD-NOS), autistic disorder, and childhood disintegrative disorder ( Heller syndrome ). This condition is often associated with savant syndrome .

Based on data compiled by WHO, autism occurs in 1 in 160 children worldwide. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, until now there is no definite data regarding the number of people with autism.

Autism Causes and Symptoms

The exact cause of autism is not known. However, there are risk factors that can increase the incidence of autism, such as gender, family history of autism, and premature birth .

The symptoms and severity of autism vary. Patients who experience mild symptoms generally do not experience activity barriers. However, if the symptoms are severe, sufferers need help to carry out daily activities.

Symptoms that can be experienced by people with autism include:

  • Impaired communication and social interaction, such as preferring to be alone, reluctant to talk to other people, and often repeating the same words
  • Behavioral disorders , such as doing the same movement over and over, for example always walking on tiptoes
  • Other disorders, such as cognitive impairment that hinders learning, impaired mood or emotional reactions, and seizures

How to Treat and Prevent Autism

Autism cannot be cured. However, there are a number of methods that can be used so that people with autism can adjust to their daily lives, such as behavior and communication therapy, or taking drugs to treat behavior and mood disorders .

The risk of autism can be avoided, especially by pregnant women, by carrying out routine pregnancy control and changing their lifestyle to be healthier.

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