Flatulence is a condition when the stomach feels tight, full, and looks enlarged. This condition occurs because there is too much gas in the stomach, causing cramps or discomfort in the stomach.

When someone eats or drinks, there is air or gas that is also swallowed and enters the esophagus and goes to the stomach. The gas can go back up into the esophagus and be expelled through belching, or into the stomach and expelled through farting or passing gas .

Causes and Symptoms of Flatulence

Gas can enter the body when eating, drinking, smoking , or chewing gum. In addition, flatulence can also occur due to gas production by bacteria in the intestine.

Flatulence is generally accompanied by other symptoms, such as frequent belching, stomach pain when pressed, stomach looks bigger than usual, and frequent passing of gas.

Flatulence Treatment and Prevention

Flatulence can be treated by adjusting your diet, such as limiting consumption of several types of food, including beans, broccoli, cabbage , and whole grains. The use of flatulence drugs that are sold in pharmacies, such as simethicone and probiotic supplements , can also treat flatulence.

Limiting your intake of foods that cause flatulence is one way to prevent these complaints from occurring. In addition, how to prevent flatulence can be done by chewing food slowly, limiting consumption of soft drinks, and stopping smoking.

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