Bromhexine is an expectorant. This medicine can be used for coughing up phlegm that is difficult to come out . Bromhexine is available in various forms, such as tablets, syrups, solutions, and injections.

Bromhexine works to thin the phlegm in the respiratory tract. This drug works by breaking down mucopolysaccharide fibers in sputum so that the sputum produced is not thick and easy to remove.

Bromhexine can be found as a single drug or combined with other drugs in flu and cough medicine products. Some medicinal products containing bromhexine are sold over the counter and some must be purchased with a doctor's prescription.

Brand names of bromhexine: Anaconidin Mucolytic & Expectorant, Benadryl Wet Cough, Bisolvon, Bodrexin Cough Cold, Bodrex Flu & Phlegm Cough PE, Bromhexine HCL, Bromifar, Dexolut, Farmavon, Hexon, Hustab-P, Hufasulvon, Mextril Expectorant, Mucohexin, Woods Peppermint Expectorant, Oskadryl Sputum Cough, OBH Itra, Rexcof, Siladex Mucolytic & Expectorant, Solvinex.

What Is Bromhexine

Group Limited over-the-counter and prescription drugs
Category Mucolytic drugs (sputum thinners)
Benefits Relieves phlegm cough
Used by Adults and children aged >5 years
Bromhexine for pregnant and nursing mothers Category A: Controlled studies in pregnant women do not show any risk to the fetus, and it is unlikely to harm the fetus. It is not yet known whether bromhexine can be absorbed into breast milk or not. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use this medicine without consulting a doctor.
Drug form Tablets, syrups, solutions/liquids, and injections

Precautions Before Using Bromhexine

There are several things to consider before using bromhexine, among others:

  • Do not use bromhexine if you are allergic to this medicine. Tell your doctor about any allergies you have.
  • Consult a doctor first before giving bromhexine or products containing bromhexine to children under 2 years of age.
  • Consult a doctor if the cough you experience is accompanied by shortness of breath, fever >38 0 C, or bloody sputum , before using bromhexine.
  • Consult your doctor about the use of bromhexine if you have or are currently suffering from pneumonia , liver disease, asthma , kidney disease, peptic ulcer, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ).
  • Consult a doctor about the use of bromhexine if you are experiencing a condition that causes the body's immunity to decrease, for example suffering from HIV/AIDS or undergoing
  • Consult your doctor about the use of bromhexine if you are using other drugs, including supplements and herbal products, to anticipate drug interactions.
  • Immediately go to the doctor if there is a drug allergic reaction , serious side effect, or overdose, after consuming bromhexine.

Dosage and Administration of Bromhexine

Here is a general dose of bromhexine to thin sputum:

  • Adults and children aged ≥12 years : 8–16 mg, 3 times a day.
  • Children aged 6–11 years: 4–8 mg, 3 times a day, maximum dose 24 mg per day.
  • Children aged 2–5 years: 2 mg, 3 times a day, or 4 mg, 2 times a day. The maximum dose is 8 mg per day.

How to Use Bromhexine Correctly

Bromhexine injection can only be given by a doctor or medical personnel under the supervision of a doctor. Bromhexine is injected into the patient's blood vessels or through an infusion.

To consume bromhexine bought over the counter without a doctor's prescription, make sure you read the information on the medicine packaging label, or follow the doctor 's advice . Do not use bromhexine for more than 14 days without a doctor's permission.

Bromhexine tablets, liquid, or syrup can be consumed before or after meals. However, it is best to consume this medicine after eating if you have heartburn .

Swallow the bromhexine tablet, syrup, or solution with water. For liquid bromhexine and syrup, shake the bottle before taking the medicine. If there is, use the measuring spoon available in the package so that the dose is accurate.

Bromhexine in the form of a solution can sometimes be used with a nebulizer. To use bromhexine with a nebulizer , make sure the nebulizer equipment to be used is clean.

Add the medicine to the nebulizer cup. Connect the mouthpiece or mask to the nebulizer cup. Install the connecting hose between the compressor machine and the nebulizer cup. When the tool is ready, turn on the compressor machine and put the mouthpiece or mask to the mouth. Inhale the medicinal vapor slowly until the medicine is gone.

It is recommended to use bromhexine at the same time every day. If you forget to take bromhexine, take it immediately if it is not close to the next medication schedule. When it is close, ignore the missed dose and do not double the next dose.

Be sure to close the bromhexine liquid or syrup bottle tightly after the medicine is consumed. Store liquid bromhexine, syrup, and tablets, in a cool place and away from sunlight, and keep this medicine out of the reach of children.

Bromhexine Interactions with Other Drugs

Bromhexine can increase the absorption of antibiotics , such as amoxicillin , erythromycin, or cefuroxime , if used together. This can increase the risk of side effects from antibiotics.

It is important to remember, always inform the doctor if you are going to use other medicines together with bromhexine.

Side Effects of Bromhexine

Side effects that may arise after using bromhexine depend on the form of the drug used. In general, the following are side effects of bromhexine:

  • Turn
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloated stomach
  • Diarrhea

Check with a doctor if the side effects mentioned above do not subside or worsen. Immediately report to the doctor if an allergic reaction to the drug occurs that can be marked by certain symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, itchy skin rash, or swelling of the lips and eyelids.

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