Caladine Lotion

Caladine Lotion

Caladine lotion is useful for treating itching on the skin due to prickly heat, hot air, or insect bites. Caladine Lotion is available in 60 ml and 90 ml bottles.

Caladine contains 5% calamine, 10% zinc oxide and 2% diphenhydramine hydrochloride. These three substances can give a cold sensation, relieve itching on the skin, as well as have an antiseptic effect .

What is Caladine Lotion

Active ingredients Calamine, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, zinc oxide.
group Limited over-the-counter drugs
Category Antihistamine
Benefit Overcoming itching due to prickly heat , hot air, and insect bites.
Used by Adults and children
Caladine Lotion for pregnant and lactating women Category C: Animal studies have shown adverse effects of zinc oxide on the fetus, but there are no controlled studies in pregnant women.

Drugs should only be used if the expected benefit outweighs the risk to the fetus.

It is not yet known whether the ingredients in Caladine Lotion can be absorbed into breast milk or not. If you are breastfeeding, do not use this medicine without consulting your doctor first.

Drug form Lotion

Precautions Before Using Caladine Lotion

Before using Caladine Lotion, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Do not use Caladine Lotion if you have an allergy to the ingredients contained in this medicine.
  • Do not apply Caladine Lotion to blistered, peeling, or oozing skin.
  • Tell your doctor if you have a fever or other symptoms before the itching and rash appear.
  • Talk to your doctor about using Caladine Lotion if you are suffering from chickenpox or measles .
  • Caladine Lotion should only be used when itching occurs.
  • Stop treatment if symptoms do not improve or get worse after using Caladine Lotion for 7 days.

Dosage and Rules for Using Caladine Lotion

Apply Caladine Lotion 2–4 times a day, especially after bathing in the morning and evening.

How to use Caladine Lotion correctly

Follow the doctor 's recommendations and read the information listed on the packaging before using Caladine Lotion.

Wash your hands and clean the itchy skin area with soap and water first, then dry it with a soft towel or cloth. Apply enough Caladine lotion on the itchy skin area.

Don't overuse Caladine Lotion. Excessive use does not make itching disappear faster, but will actually increase the risk of side effects.

Don't forget to wash your hands again with soap and water after using Caladine Lotion, unless this medicine is used on the palms of the hands.

Caladine Lotion should only be used on the skin. Avoid use around the eyes, mouth, genitals and anus. If Caladine accidentally hits these areas, rinse immediately with clean water.

The content of diphendydramine in Caladine Lotion can react to heat. Do not use Caladine Lotion near a fire or while smoking.

Store Caladine Lotion in a dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Keep this drug out of reach of children.

Interaction of Caladine Lotion with other drugs

Because Caladine Lotion contains diphenhydramine, the risk of drowsiness, dizziness, or confusion may be increased if this medication is used with other medicines that contain esketamine.

Side Effects and Dangers of Caladine Lotion

Caladine Lotion is generally safe to use. However, in rare cases, the ingredients in this drug can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Immediately consult a doctor if a rash, burning sensation on the skin, or symptoms of a drug allergy appear , such as hives, swelling of the skin, or shortness of breath, after using Caladine Lotion.

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