Chicken pox

Chicken pox

Chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by the  Varicella zoster virus . This disease is characterized by symptoms in the form of a red rash filled with fluid that feels very itchy all over the body.

Chickenpox ( chickenpox ) was once a common disease in children. However, after the chickenpox vaccination was carried out since the 1990s, cases of chickenpox began to decrease gradually.

Chickenpox can cause serious complications in infants, pregnant women, and people with weak immune systems, such as people with HIV/AIDS .

Symptoms and Causes of Chicken Pox

The symptom of chickenpox is a red rash on the face, chest or back, which can spread to any part of the body. Chickenpox is also characterized by other complaints, such as:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite

Chickenpox in medical terms is known as varicella . The cause is a virus that is easily transmitted through splashes of saliva, or direct contact with fluids that come from the rash.

This disease is more susceptible to attack children under the age of 12 years. Several other factors that can increase the risk of chickenpox are not having had chickenpox before and have not received the chickenpox vaccine.

Chickenpox Treatment and Prevention

Chickenpox treatment aims to reduce the severity of symptoms, with or without the help of drugs. There are several efforts that can be made to relieve the symptoms, namely wearing clothes that are loose and made from soft materials, and not scratching the rash or chickenpox sores.

Prevention of chickenpox is to get the chickenpox vaccine  or  the varicella vaccine . In Indonesia itself, the smallpox vaccine is not included in the complete routine immunization list , but it is still recommended to be given.

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