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Mesterolone is a hormonal preparation used to treat androgen deficiency and hypogonadism. This medicine is available in tablet form and should be used according to the doctor's prescription. Mesterolone can only be used in adult men.

Mesterolone works like an androgen hormone that is produced naturally by the body. Androgens are hormones that are useful for triggering puberty in men, maintaining the function of the male reproductive organs, supporting bone and muscle growth, and maintaining the body's metabolism.

Mesterolone - Alodokter

Mesterolone can improve the symptoms of androgen deficiency or hypogonadism in adult men, such as decreased sexual desire, impotence, breast enlargement , and depression. This medicine can also increase fertility in men who suffer from infertility due to androgen deficiency.

Mesterolone trademarks: Infelon, Proviron

What Is Mesterolone?

Group Prescription drugs
Category Androgen hormone preparations
Benefits Treats androgen deficiency and hypogonadism
Consumed by Adult men
Mesterolone for pregnant and lactating women Mesterolone can only be used in adult men. This medicine is not intended for women.
Drug form Tablets

Warnings Before Consuming Mesterolone

Mesterolone can only be used by men and must be accompanied by a doctor's prescription. Before consuming mesterolone, you need to pay attention to some things below:

  • Do not consume mesterolone if you have an allergy to this drug. Tell your doctor about any allergies you have.
  • Mesterolone cannot be used to increase muscle mass in healthy adult men.
  • Tell your doctor if you have had or are currently suffering from a liver tumor or prostate cancer . Mesterolone should not be used by patients with these conditions.
  • Tell your doctor if you have had or are currently suffering from liver disease, kidney disease, epilepsy , high blood pressure (hypertension), migraine , diabetes, or delayed puberty.
  • Inform the doctor if you are using other drugs, including supplements or herbal products, to anticipate the occurrence of drug interactions.
  • Tell your doctor that you are taking mesterolone if you are going to undergo a surgical procedure, including dental surgery.
  • Immediately go to the doctor if there is a drug allergic reaction or overdose after consuming mesterolone.

Dosage and Administration of Mesterolone

The dose and duration of use of mesterolone will be determined by the doctor according to the patient's age and health condition.

The dose of mesterolone to overcome androgen hormone deficiency or sterility (infertility) due to hypogonadism is:

  • Initial dose: 75–100 mg per day divided into 3–4 doses.
  • Maintenance dose: 50–75 mg per day divided into several doses.

How to Consume Mesterolone Correctly

Follow the doctor's instructions and read the information on the packaging of mesterolone before using it. Do not change the dose of the medicine without the doctor's approval.

Swallow the tablet whole with water. This medicine can be consumed before or after meals.

Try to always consume mesterolone at the same time every day so that the treatment effect is maximal. If you can't, make sure there is enough time between one dose and the next.

If you forget to take mesterolone, take this medicine as soon as you remember. However, if the next schedule is close, ignore the missed dose and do not double the next dose.

Do routine check-ups with the doctor so that the patient's condition and response to medication can be monitored. While using mesterolone, patients may be asked to undergo routine blood tests and prostate examinations.

Check your blood pressure regularly while using this medicine, as mesterolone can increase blood pressure. Tell your doctor if your blood pressure is much higher than usual.

Store mesterolone in its packaging at room temperature. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat, and keep the drug out of the reach of children.

Interactions of Mesterolone with Other Drugs

Mesterolone can cause interaction effects if used with certain drugs, such as:

  • Increased effect of antidiabetic drugs, such as glimepiride or metformin, in lowering blood sugar levels
  • Increased risk of liver damage if used with ciclosporin
  • Increased risk of edema if used with corticosteroids, such as fluocinolone , prednisone, or triamcinolone
  • Increased drug effects and risk of bleeding if used with blood thinners, such as warfarin

Side Effects and Dangers of Mesterolone

There are several side effects that can appear after consuming mesterolone, among others:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Stomachache
  • Acne
  • Swelling in the hands or feet
  • Blood pressure increases
  • More body hair
  • Baldness
  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings

Check with your doctor if the side effects do not subside or get worse. Immediately consult a doctor and stop taking the drug if you experience a drug allergic reaction or more serious side effects, such as:

  • An erection that lasts more than 4 hours and is painful ( priapism )
  • Breast enlargement
  • Disorder or enlargement of the prostate , which can be characterized by a feeling of incompleteness after urinating, urine dripping after urinating, or difficulty urinating
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