Stomach Acid Disease

Stomach Acid Disease

Gastric acid disease or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is the appearance of a burning sensation in the chest due to stomach acid rising into the esophagus. Stomach acid symptoms appear at least twice a week.

Acid reflux or stomach acid disease can be experienced by adults or children. The symptoms of this stomach disease are often suspected to be heart attacks or coronary heart disease, because the symptoms are almost similar to chest pain.

Although not deadly like a heart attack, stomach acid disease or GERD needs to be dealt with in order not to cause complications.

Causes and Symptoms of Acid Stomach Disease

Stomach acid disease occurs when the muscles of the lower esophagus (LES muscle) weaken. This muscle is supposed to contract and close the passage to the esophagus after the food goes down to the stomach. When this muscle is weak, the esophagus will remain open and stomach acid will rise back into the esophagus.

This condition is at risk of occurring in the elderly, obese people , and pregnant women.

The main symptom of acid reflux is a burning sensation in the chest ( heartburn ), which can worsen after eating or when lying down. These symptoms can be accompanied by complaints of other digestive disorders, such as frequent belching , nausea and vomiting, heartburn and shortness of breath , as well as a sour mouth .

Check with your doctor if you experience these symptoms.

Treatment and Prevention of Stomach Acid Disease

GERD can be overcome by changing daily behavior, such as losing weight, not lying down immediately after eating, avoiding certain foods, including sour fruits  and quitting smoking. Some herbal plants, such as ginger , are also claimed to be beneficial to overcome stomach acid disease.

The doctor  can also give medicine to overcome stomach acid disease and relieve ulcers caused by stomach acid. If the method has not been able to overcome stomach acid disease, surgery can be done.

Stomach acid treatment costs a lot. Therefore, having health insurance can be a practical solution to save the possible cost of treatment for current or future conditions.

Stomach acid disease can be prevented by not lying down immediately after eating, avoiding the consumption of spicy and acidic foods, and implementing a regular meal schedule. In addition, this disease can also be prevented by stopping drinking caffeinated beverages, such as coffee , as well as alcoholic beverages.

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