Inflammation of the tonsils or tonsillitis is a condition when the tonsils become inflamed or inflamed. This condition is generally experienced by children aged 3–7 years. Even so, inflammation of the tonsils can also occur in adults, especially the elderly.

The tonsils or tonsils are two small glands in the throat that function to prevent infection, especially in children. However, as you get older and your immune system becomes stronger, the function of the tonsils begins to be replaced and their size will slowly decrease.

Causes and Symptoms of Tonsillitis

Inflammation of the tonsils is caused by a viral or bacterial infection . Several types of viruses that cause inflammation of the tonsils are viruses that also cause cold or flu coughs.

The main symptoms of tonsillitis are swelling of the tonsils and pain when swallowing. This condition can also cause other symptoms, such as hoarseness, fever, bad breath , coughing, and headaches.

Treatment and Prevention of Tonsillitis

Inflammation of the tonsils can be treated with self-therapy, drug administration, or surgery. The doctor will determine the right method, according to the results of examining the patient's condition.

Tonsillitis is a preventable condition. One way that can be done to prevent this disease is to maintain personal hygiene, so that the infection does not spread to other people.

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