Warts are bumps on the skin caused by infection with the human papilloma  virus (HPV). This virus can attack various parts of the body, including the palms of the hands, feet and genitals.

The virus that causes warts is usually spread through physical contact with people with warts or from contaminated objects. After skin is exposed to HPV , warts take about 2–6 months to develop.

Mild warts usually heal without treatment. However, warts can cause pain and irritation on the skin. Therefore, immediately consult a doctor if you have warts, to get the right treatment.

Symptoms and Causes of Warts

Warts are characterized by small or flat bumps on the skin. These lumps can be rough or smooth in texture, with a skin-like color, brown, or black.

Warts occur when the HPV virus infects the skin and forms small bumps. This virus can be spread in various ways, for example direct contact with people who have warts, or have sexual intercourse with sufferers of genital warts.

Treatment and Prevention of Warts

Warts can generally heal without specific treatment. However, warts can also spread and cause other health problems, so they must be treated. Handling can be with the use of topical drugs, cryotherapy, laser therapy, and cauterization.

There are several measures that can be taken to prevent the spread of the virus that causes warts, namely:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly if you accidentally touch other people's warts
  • Undergoing the HPV vaccine
  • Keep feet dry
  • Using sandals when in damp places, such as bathrooms and public locker rooms
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