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Aza Hernia Natural Capsule To Help With Hernia Problems

Aza Hernia Natural Capsule To Help With Hernia Problems

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Natural Herbal Capsule Useful For Treating Hernia Disorders

EZA Hernia natural herbal capsule drugs that are useful for treating hernia disorders, made from nutritious herbal plants formulated from trusted natural ingredients and efficacious as a drug without the use of preservatives, chemicals, and without side effects.

Helps overcome hernias
Tighten the muscles of the lower meridian (abdomen, hips, and later)
Strengthens internal organs (intestines, stomach, kidneys and others)

Supporting Therapy
Avoid food or drinks that are gaseous, moist and coldAvoid workloads that are too heavy

Drinking Rules
Drink 3 x 2-3 capsules / day

Samin Oil, Red ginger, Fennel, Black pepper, Chicken eggs, Fenugreek

1 Bottle @ 60 capsules

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