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Insulin Leaf Teabags Herbal For Diabetes

Insulin Leaf Teabags Herbal For Diabetes

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Insulin Leaf Teabags Herbal For Diabetes

1 /box contains 20 dip bags
Health Office 213367402001425
Composition Insulin Leaf
Drink 2x a day to get the benefits of insulin leaf tea
The insulin leaf plant has the scientific name smallanthus sonhifolia which is very useful for people with diabetes or diabetes because it is rich in insulin, which is why it is called INSULIN LEAVES.
insulin can reduce gurah levels significantly after taking it regularly.

Its benefits include:
1. Diabetes fighter
2. Lowering sugar levels
3. Healthy body
4. Anti Murodial for kidney and bladder infections
5. Anti-oxidant
6. Heart booster
7. Liver medicine
8. Throat medicine

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