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Methandienone 10 Mg Dianabol Steroid Fast Strength And Weight Gain

Methandienone 10 Mg Dianabol Steroid Fast Strength And Weight Gain

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Methandienone 10 Mg Dianabol Steroid Fast Strength And Weight Gain

What is it?

Falling under the “good feel” category of steroids, Methandienone can be considered to be the most efficient and effective mass builder of all time. As an extremely androgenic and anabolic product, it basically carries two compounds which help us get stronger, and build on more muscle.


One of the highlights of this product is that it depresses cortisol production by 50-70%, which means you stay anabolic for as long as the Methandienone is in your system. In fact, even if you train for 2 to 3 hours, your body will not become catabolic, which ultimately means you will not risk any muscle damage during a hard training session.

In addition to that, Methandienone also stimulates IGF 1 production which is directly responsible for muscle growth. This steroid’s half lifetime is just 3 to 4.5 hours; therefore, the consumption of the daily dosage should ideally be split in 3 parts of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). It is best that this steroid is consumed with your meals as it will be easier on the stomach and well as absorbed better in to the body’s system. Methandienone converts into 17 Alpha Methylostradiol, which is a much stronger estrogen than what we would normally produce with testosterone products. This is also the reason why athletes not only get stronger but also gain a lot of water weight in their first 2-3 weeks of their cycle. Due to this interesting element of Methandienone, it is vital to know what to combine this product with.

Methandienone is still very commonly used today, as it is a very effective weight gain and strength product. Using Meditech Pharmaceutical's Dianabol in the first 5-6 weeks of your diet, will help ensure you don't lose size. On top of that, the D-bol will also give you the much-needed kick to train hard; helping you get through strenuous workouts and long cardio sessions without dropping in size.

Package : 100 Tablets In 2 Blisters ( 50x2 )

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